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I used to think, perhaps from reading too many self-help books, a real vocation was using your gifts to earn a living at a job you loved. (Full disclosure, I love my work and I earn a salary). However, this approach is elitist and took God out of the mix. I now define vocation as using my God given gifts to share the message of Love and Grace. Full-Stop. Wonderful artists walk through the doors of GA bless us with their presence. I want to spend the next few weeks getting to know some of these individuals a little bit better and I want to share their stories of vocation with you.

 I met Grace Drums-Gabriella, Corey, Arlena, Gena, and JoAnna-4 years ago when they played for a fundraiser concert a group of us produced to help raise money for Water Is Life-Kenya. These spirited gals not only blew us out of the water with their energetic music but they have changed my life. They remind me constantly that music and love and grace are what changes us and the world around us. They remind me how much joy a simple rhythm felt in the body can bring and that this is what we have in common with our neighbor. Their simple mission is to make joy contagious and they are fulfilling their vocation!

Gabriella is the first to say that nothing fills her soul more than watching room full of people joyfully dancing to Grace Drums’ music. She says that in a time when there is such hostility and anger and tension and shifts in the world we need buildings that house safe communities (churches) where we can engage with people face-to-face. We need to hear music that inspires us and brings joy. We need to build relationships. We need worship and hope.

Gabriella reminded me of the fascinating book “The Hidden Messages of Water” by Masara Emoto and his fascinating work with water crystals. Emoto experimented with photographing frozen water crystals through a microscopic lens after exposing the water to different messages through sayings and music. The results are fascinating. The water that was told, “you are worthy” or “you are beautiful” formed beautiful and full crystals while the water that was told, “you are ugly” just ended up as misshapen blobs. (Side note-the water that was exposed to Bach formed full and intricate crystals while the music exposed to heavy metal only formed large crystal rings.) Gabriella takes this to heart and has been intentional that Grace Drums send out messages of love, praise, hope, faith, and joy out into the world.

Come and meet these wonderful ladies this Sunday at the 11:00 service. They will lead us in worship and song and I promise you that you will be forever changed.

 Gretchen Mundinger


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