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The opera has been performed in Finland, Minnesota and Germany in Finnish, English and German respectively. It was recorded live at the Temppeliaukio Church (aka 'The Rock Church'), Helsinki, in 2004 with the title role sung by Esa Ruuttunen, opera singer (and Lutheran pastor).  The lyrics are from the Bible: 2 Cor 12:9-10 and Eph 2:8-9. You can watch an excerpt that includes the hymn from the opera at his site  You can also find the libretto (translation by well-known hymn writer and professor at Luther Seminary, Gracia Grindal) as well as the huge casting list, including a high tenor cast as Satan. 

                On Monday, February 2nd, we commemorate the Presentation of Our Lord.  Forty days after the birth of Christ we mark the day Mary and Joseph presented him in the temple in accordance with Jewish law.  There a prophetess named Anna began to speak of the redemption of Israel when she saw the young child.  Simeon also greeted Mary and Joseph.  He responded to the presence of the consolation of Israel in this child with the words of the Nunc dimittis.  His song described Jesus as a “light for the nations.”  Because of the link between Jesus as the light for the nations, and because an old reading for this festival contains a line from the prophet Zephaniah, “I will search Jerusalem with candles,” the day is also known as Candlemas, a day when candles are blessed for the coming year.  

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Daily Bible Verse

  • Jeremiah 29:24-32

    28For he has actually sent to us in Babylon, saying, "It will be a long time; build houses and live in them, and plant gardens and eat what they produce." 29The priest Zephaniah read this letter in the hearing of the prophet Jeremiah.

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