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There is just no shortage of singing and especially singing angels when it comes to the Bible, our hymns and our liturgy.  Community is super important to the church at large and especially at G.A.  We have walked together in faith as a community and have grown leaps and bounds in a time many are calling Post-Christendom.  Last week we received the gift of the Holy Spirit and were reminded how much the Spirit works with us, through us, around us.....and then again with us.  It's a team effort.  A mini-community event if you will.  This week we add to the party with the Trinity.  God is at the center, but again this is a team effort.  The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit come together in the ultimate, community event. 

So why bring up all of this 'church dogma' up in a music column?  In addition to celebrating the Trinity this Sunday and receiving new members, we will also be celebrating our choir.  The word 'choir' comes from the Greek word 'choros' which simply means a group of singers.  However, our 'choros' at G.A. is so much more than a 'group of singers'.  This is a wonderful, community of folks who give freely of their time and talent when time is a precious commodity.  These singing angels inspire me each week with their talent, humor, zest for life, their commitment to both the church and the world at large.  Some of our members are able to commit more of their time than others and that's OK because where two or more are gathered then God is there.  We are close knit but with open doors for all.  All are truly welcome and welcomed.   

In the U.S. alone over 28.5 million people sing in a chorus group.  Many of the reasons people say they sing in a group is to create a social bond with others, to improve their mood and as a way to find some time for themselves.  Scientific studies have shown that singing in a choir plays a central role in psychological health and can significantly decrease anxiety and depression levels.  We are social beings and it is just more satisfying to have some sort of human contact and presence in your life.  Also, can you imagine a big celebration or event not just without people but without a choir?  The Olympics, Diamond Jubilee celebrations, ordinations, baptisms, graduations and birthday parties would fall flat. 

In the bible it says that King David put together a choir of over 4,000 singers, and that man knew how to have a good time.  Big choirs singing 8 parts are very impressive and very moving.  However, I have to say from the bottom of my heart that I wouldn't trade that for our choir at G.A. Thank you dear choir for your hard work this year and blessings for a wonderful summer season.    

 Gretchen Mundinger


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