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     Our opening hymn is "Crown Him with Many Crowns".  Take a peek at the bottom of the hymn and you'll notice that 4 verses are credited to Matthew Bridges and 1 verse to Godfrey Thring.  12 stanzas have been written between the two of them and they have been mixed and matched throughout the years.  The first set of text was penned by Bridges in 1851 who once wrote a book condemning Roman Catholic theology and later converted.  His stanzas were based on Revelations 19:12...and on his head were many crowns."  Thring was a devout Anglican who was concerned that this popular hymn was allowing Catholic theology to be sung in protestant churches and therefore penned his own verses. 

     Eliza S. Alderson wrote the text for "Lord of Glory, You have Bought Us".  She was the sister of the famous Rev. J.B. Dykes (4 of his hymns are in our hymnal). and married to Rev. Mr. Alderson, chaplain to the West Riding House of Correction, Wakefield.  Though she herself was a prolific hymn writer only 12 have been published.  She is quoted as saying that her inspiration for this hymn "came out of a very strong feeling that a tithe of our income was a solemn debt to God and His poor, which inspired it".  It has been used often as a hymn to rally congregations to give money on stewardship Sunday but I think it is so much more than a 'money' piece.  Because of grace we have nothing to fear and should live boldly in our faith and serve our neighbors.  Pretty powerful stuff!  Incidentally, this hymn has been set to three different tunes. 

     Andrae Crouch wrote our sending hymn "Soon and Very Soon".  Crouch is a living, seven-time Grammy Award Winning American gospel singer, song writer, arranger and record producer and pastor.  Crouch grew up in a devout household and his father was a pastor.  When Crouch was young his father asked him directly, "Andrae, if God gave you the gift of music to play and sing for him would you do it for his glory all your life?" Andrae said, "Yeah daddy." A couple of weeks later, his father asked him to come up as the congregation was singing. He said, "If you're gonna play, play." Andrae found the key, and started to play the piano. As he got a little older, he started to write songs, and lead a choir.  Crouch was a key figure in the 'Jesus Music' movement from 1960-70.  (Jesus Music is a term used in the United Kingdom for Gospel Beat Music, gospel music that originated on the West Coast in the United States.  Musicians from this time later were absorbed into the Christian Music industry that was a spawn of the original 'Jesus Music').  Crouch was part of a band called Andrae Crouch and The Disciples.  Soon and Very Soon was an original tune from their seventh album This Is Another Day.  A bit of trivia, Vanessa Williams sang this popular hymn at the funeral of Saergent Shriver back in January.  There are video clips on youtube of Crouch singing this fantastic hymn.  Check it out!  

     Next Sunday our new church year begins so be on the lookout for some new liturgy for Advent as well as a fantastic 'New Year's Resolution' that I have in store for us. 

Peace,  Gretchen Mundinger

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