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A message from Pastor Will Kroeze

Some thirty years ago, the people of Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish saw the tremendous need of their neighbors in the East Village and decided to do something about it.  Even though, at the time, Trinity was a parish many had written off as having no real viability or future, being situated in a neighborhood that was the picture of 1980s urban blight in America, our predecessors here began opening their doors to anyone who needed a hot lunch - no questions asked.  

Since then, the East Village has seen dramatic changes - some positive, but many negative.  While formerly burnt-out and abandoned tenements now house expensive coffee houses and restaurants, the long-time residents of our neighborhood now find themselves pushed even further to the margins, oftentimes paying such a high percentage of their income to rent that there is simply nothing left to feed themselves and their families.  

Thankfully, we here at Trinity remain steadfast in our resolve to serve these neighbors of ours out of love.  Seeing them as human beings deserving dignity and respect, we continue to open our doors to all God's children who need a nutritious lunch or groceries for their families, regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, religion or age.  This work is simply not possible without the support of our volunteers and donors who share in our mission day in and day out.

On Wednesday, September 11, we will hold our annual Garden Party at Trinity, which directly supports our work.  Featuring appetizers, drinks, and entertainment, our supporters will be joined by elected officials and community leaders as we celebrate the incredible things happening here.  

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit  I hope you can come!

May peace, hope, and joy be yours,

Pastor Will Kroeze


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